Successful corporate strategy depends on the organization’s ability to innovate and successfully create value across multiple business channels. It is far more than simply chasing the highest returns in each category and hoping for the best. Every Senior Executive and CEO who strives to improve shareholder value recognizes the vital importance of a winning strategy but can quickly get side-tracked by the business’s day-to-day tactical demands.

At Proven Paradigm, we proactively partner with you to create and foster an Elite Performance Culture

While your competition struggles to meet the current quarter’s tactical demands, we help you rediscover and refine your vision so you can focus on building an environment that empowers both the individual and the collective organization to succeed.

Eric Downing Competitive Advantage


Through years of managing and leading in fortune 500 companies and extensive doctoral research, Dr. Eric Downing has designed a consulting strategy that focuses on the five critical elements of building an elite performance culture.

Extraordinary Trust

Organizations with a high level of trust always have a higher level of engagement by employees. Recent studies have shown that individuals who work in high trust environments are 50% more productive and 76% more engaged with their work.

Building a culture of trust is not only possible, but it’s also highly likely that individuals who operate in cultures that are committed to trusting fully can more easily achieve Elite performance themselves.

Profound Motivational Insights

High-performing organizations realize the importance of identifying and cultivating transformational leaders that inspire their teams and motivate them to be fully engaged advocates of the company’s strategic vision.

Our proven process asks team members to reflect honestly on how the team functions and works with leadership and the team to create an action plan to perform at the next level. We work with each member to discover their inherent motivational characteristics accurately and support organizational leadership in crafting a comprehensive leadership methodology that works best with the team’s overall makeup.

Developing high-value leaders doesn’t happen by accident. Utilizing a series of assessments, interviews, and initiatives, we create a highly customized leadership development approach aligned with your business goals and objectives in mind.

Exceptional Communication

By building upon the existing team dynamic, we will work together to develop superior communication capabilities that improve transparency and organizational teams’ ability to work together with confidence.

We do this through state-of-the-art discovery techniques and developing crucial communication skills to overcome critical challenges and to engage team members at the level required to achieve elite performance.

Relentless Risk Assessment

Individuals and organizations over the years have become more and more risk-averse. Managing the organization in a harsh and chaotic environment requires relentless risk assessment.

The organizations’ relationship with risk can become a deciding factor of whether the organization can thrive. Both avoiding risk or ignoring risk may provide either way forward for the organization or hamper its ability to compete.

Impeccable Execution

Barriers to execution are ever-present. Vision, management, or people barriers require quick and decisive interventions. Without strong execution capabilities, none of the other areas of potential competitive advantages matter.

Exceptional execution starts with comprehensive prioritization, identifying what is worthy of focus and what must be ignored. After the priorities are identified, we collaboratively craft strategies that are most impactful. By carefully tracking progress and keeping score, we compel all stakeholders to compete to win and establish a tempo that promotes accountability and elite performance.