Achieving an elite level of performance doesn’t have to be a perpetual aspiration. We can help you build a culture where every team member gains deep insights into what’s motivating and driving each other.

We work with people and organizations to create an environment where trust runs deep and exceptional communication is the norm. We develop relentless risk assessment expertise as a competitive advantage that allows you to exploit every opportunity and avoid senseless pitfalls. Impeccable execution replaces hope as a strategy and makes winning an expected outcome rather than a random occurrence.


Coaching is a transformative process. We will work together to unlock your full potential and turn your Elite performance aspirations into reality. By focusing on understanding the driving forces influencing our motivation, we can tailor the strategy, remove barriers to execution, and supercharge productivity. We use a wide range of behavioral science-based tools to strengthen competitive advantages and set you apart from the competition.

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Successful corporate strategy relies on the organization’s ability to innovate and successfully create value across multiple business channels. Achieving positive change is far more complex than merely chasing the highest returns in each category and hoping for the best. Our wide-ranging and proven consulting expertise helps Senior Executives and CEOs define and refine their strategy, measure critical business drivers, analyze the precise impact of each action, and steadily improve business outcomes.



Whether speaking in person on the Main Stage or connecting interactively via the Proven Paradigm Streaming Studio, Dr. Downing is an engaging and experienced keynote speaker. He combines real-world experience, proven theory, and unique insights to help others maximize their competitive advantage by building Elite Performance Cultures. By combining compelling storytelling, competitive market insights, and relatable facts, Eric helps audiences envision a performance culture where greater heights and tremendous success are new realities.

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