About the Program

The Elite Team Development Program was created by Dr. Eric Downing, a leadership theorist and expert who has worked with some of the world’s top-performing teams. Eric has combined his military experience and business success with academic knowledge to create a system that gets to the heart of what drives people and how they can overcome the barriers to their success.

What Your Team Will Learn

How Will Your Team Benefit?

  • Every team member will develop a deeper understanding of their inherent personal motivations as well as the general motivating factors for their other team members.

  • They will learn techniques to build strong team trust faster and more efficiently.

  • The team will perform more efficiently and effectively by refining and formalizing high-performance communication practices.

  • The team’s enhanced capability to assess and manage risk proactively will enable them to tackle business opportunities that are unproductive or unmanageable to competitors.

  • Embracing the tenets of the Impeccable Execution methodology improves accountability, collaboration, and encourages team cohesiveness.

How is the Elite Team Development Program Structured?

The program kicks off with an initial client consultation to identify the current team structure and the unique characteristics to be considered. Delivered through our professional studio environment, participants will engage in five interactive workshops. Each event is carefully crafted and tailored to the unique needs of the team. There’s pre-workshop and post-workshop development materials and exercises. The program culminates in a comprehensive post-program leadership de-brief and next steps.


“A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they are mutually accountable.”

Katzenbach and Smith, 1993



“A small group of people inextricably bound together by a mutual bond of esprit de corps that few will ever achieve. This exceptional group of committed individuals understands how the advantage of deep motivational insights, the power of total trust, the extraordinary efficiency of refined communications, and the rich rewards of relentless risk assessment always lead to impeccable execution.”

Dr. Eric Downing, 2020


The Power and Potential of a Team that Understands what Drives Them

Harnessing Trust as a Competitive Advantage

Deliberate Communication Competency

Relentless Risk Assessment that Opens New Pathways

Impeccable Team Execution Is not Flawless Execution

How is the Program Delivered?

The Elite Team Development Program can be delivered in a corporate face-to-face setting, entirely virtually from the Proven Paradigm Streaming Studio, or a combination of in-person and virtual delivery. A free 15-minute full Studio demonstration is available to familiarize and highlight abbreviated subject matter from each of the virtual development components.

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