The need for empathetic, empowering leadership has never been greater. The challenges associated with developing and implementing excellent leadership can be daunting. The broad range of possible interactions and methods that a leader might choose to inspire and motivate their followers, often makes it difficult to maintain perspective while leading. There is a unique mix of art and science that must be effectively combined to provide leadership that causes followers to be fully engaged in implementing the organizational vision. An excellent strategy and a substantial competitive advantage are easily squandered if the leader is not able to align their leadership style with the inherent motivation of their employees or followers.

As a lifelong learner, Dr. Eric Downing first became fascinated with the power of strong leadership in the early days of his military service. While in the U.S. Army, operating as an Airborne Pathfinder, assigned to execute highly specialized and complex mission requirements, Eric began to study and analyze the effect different leaders exerted on the morale and execution of the team mission. Over the years, this fascination with leadership styles and followers’ motivation, coupled with years of coaching and developing Fortune 100 leaders, led to his completion of a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership.

Eric Downing Leadership


By engaging in a proven coaching methodology and working collaboratively with individuals that are actively seeking to improve their leadership outcomes, Eric has helped leaders broaden and diversify their leadership styles and characteristics. Through a process of careful introspection and reflection, these leaders have been able to broaden and carefully refine their engagement techniques with their followers to ensure they are delivering their most important messages in a manner that is highly aligned with the motivational expectations of their followers, therefore gaining buy-in and focus.