Strategy means so many different things to different leaders, yet, we can all agree that without a sound, refined strategy it is highly unlikely anyone achieves their full potential and ultimately realizes their aspirational goals.


Even the most talented leaders suffer from roadblocks and impediments that are needlessly self-imposed. These false assumptions and self-limiting perspectives can be overcome easily once the true nature of the impediment is recognized from within. We guide and help individuals discover and acknowledge their limiting issues. We help achieve a higher level of personal accountability and ownership to establish the preferred path forward.

Eric Downing Business Strategy


We focus on using tools and techniques that allow us to focus on thinking like a strategist rather than reacting as a tactician. We will work to uncover ways to better anticipate competitive shifts and react sooner, challenge our current paradigm through incorporating diverse views and multiple sides of the issues, develop deeper insights about the “big picture” and use those insights to “connect the dots”. We will ask the hard questions to thoroughly explore all our options, determine trade-offs, categorize risks and help anticipate unintended consequences. Most importantly, through a process of introspection and reflection, we will engage in a process that allows us to prosper by playing the strategic long game while our competitors continue to confuse tactics and strategy.

Eric Downing - Strategic Planning Process