Whether you are an executive, team leader, or an individual contributor in your organization, coaching can be a powerful process that empowers elite performance. We will work together to unlock your full potential and turn your aspirations into reality. Through introspection and reflection, we can focus our actions on solving problems, exceeding goals, and embracing the specific steps necessary to transcend the obstacles successful people inevitably encounter. This focused approach ensures that we achieve the elite performance levels we envision.

Eric Downing Executive Coaching

The Proven Paradigm Elite Performance Coaching program is structured to enable you to take your business or organization to new heights and intensely focus on identifying and eliminating any barriers that may be keeping your performance levels plateaued.


Combining experience as an Army Airborne Pathfinder and a Fortune 100 leader, Eric has consistently refined his skills as a long-time Registered Corporate Coachâ„¢. Eric brings together a compelling mix of Doctorate academic research in leadership and more than 30 years of corporate experience coaching Fortune 100 leaders. He uses that experience to help you identify the exact areas that require focus, reinforcement, and refinement to optimize your path to Elite Performance.

Eric Downing Executive Coaching Services


Our proven coaching strategy focuses on systemically driving performance. We help you achieve measurable results and sustainable change — not only for yourself but also for your team and the entire organization. We can work one-on-one or together with small focus groups to create a safe, confidential environment where we can identify your specific business and relationship challenges. Together we will clarify and refine your vision of success, choose the precise path forward, and implement strategies that will make your aspirations a reality.

  • Strategies for building an elite performance culture
  • Turning aspiration into action
  • Methods to foster trust with others
  • Increase self-awareness of your behavioral style and the style of those you engage
  • Leadership and followership effectiveness
  • Identifying and eliminating de-railing behaviors through perfecting your communication skills
  • Utilizing risk assessment as a competitive advantage
  • Honing your execution skills


Together, we will engage in a methodology that ensures clarity about the current situation from YOUR perspective. Based on these insights, we will examine and discuss possible alternative courses of action, then establish and refine specific goals and specify desired outcomes. By asking the right questions and continuously refocusing our efforts on actions that are most impactful, we will develop a range of ways that we could implement our strategy.

After careful evaluation of all the options, we will thoughtfully implement the interventions and actions needed to achieve success. Accountability and continuous refinement are hallmarks of the coaching process which will be utilized to actively improve on our chosen course of action.

Coaching Process Diagram